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Snow On the Bluff <3

Snow On the Bluff <3

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To the people who don’t think of life as something more then just living.

Life is complex, beautiful, exhilarating, complicated, and a precious thing. Most of us take our lives for granted. For one thing I don’t really like to say anything like that because I was once a prime example of truly “not giving a damn.” But in recent thoughts to myself, I have realized. This may be my only time to actually enjoy the wonders of the world. This is my only time to do what makes me happy, to do what makes me satisfied with the life that I’m living. I don’t want to waste my time doing the normal college after high school, get a job, have a family and so on. I want to discover things, I want to explore what Earth has to offer. Bay City has NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING to offer me, why even waste me time here? Im not happy. Of course my family resides here, and my friends for a lifetime are here. But when I think deep down to myself about if its really going to matter or effect them when I do leave? Its really up to me in the end. I don’t have alll of this wonderful, and opprotunist life to waste on the feelings of others, I know it sounds like Im being a cold hearted fuck. But think about how people believe in God, or Alah, or Buddism etc. What if once you die, thats it. Your either burried or cremated. No soul. No heaven. No hell. Thats just it. Your part of the earth. You reincarnate through the earth. Why not live this life we calll ours, to the fullest. Cleshay I know but fuck, I can’t just sit here watching day by day go by and not do anything I want. FUCKKKK. Idk what to even say anymore, my whole fuckin mind is jumbled. Sorry for the rant but christ almighty I hope this inspired at least someone to get the fuck up offf tumblr and do something with your self.


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these bitches love sosaaaa.

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